Three Components To Consider When Choosing A Spray Foam Rig

Posted on: 25 April 2016


Spray foam rigs come with a number of different options. While there are a number of important components, those that have a direct impact on your ability to operate productively and efficiently are most important. When choosing a rig, here are just three of the important factors you want to consider to ensure you are making the right selection.

Spray Gun Chamber

The spray gun chamber is the area where the components mix. You generally have two options when choosing a gun chamber: preset and adjustable. If you choose a rig with a chamber that is preset, you won't have any control over the ratio at which the materials inside the chamber mix.

Only when you choose a chamber with an adjustable component will you have control over the ratio mix. If you will be using different materials in your gun chamber regularly, it's generally better to choose an adjustable option. However, if you will always be using the same materials, a preset option may be suitable.


Inspect the hose inside the foam rig. First, check the whip hose length. The whip hose is the section at the very end of the hose, just near the spray gun. Make sure this area is flexible. It's important that the whip hose area be easy to twist, otherwise it will be more challenging to rotate the gun when in operation.

Take a few moments to twist the hose around to ensure it will be easy. Secondly, there is no standard length for rig hoses so it's important to investigate the length. Consider the environment and manner in which you will use the rig to determine what length you need.

Drum Heater

Find out if the insulation rig has a built-in drum heater. Whether or not you need this depends on your local climate. The drum heater basically ensures that the mixture inside your gun chamber stays warm.

If you will be using the insulator in cold weather, you want to have this addition as it will prevent your mixture from getting too cold, which could damage it and make it unusable. While you can have this component installed at a later date, if you need one, it's best to find a unit that already has this included.

The spray foam rig you purchase will be a vital part of your business. Make sure you are choosing an option that will allow you to operate efficiently and keep your productivity levels high. Contact a business, such as Paratus Supply, for more information.