• Helpful Tips For Saving Money On Fasteners

    You might be hoping to purchase fasteners so that you will have them on hand for an upcoming household project, or you might be looking to buy fasteners that you need for your business. Either way, you are probably hoping that you will be able to buy the fasteners for an affordable price. In some cases, it can actually be surprising just how expensive fasteners can be, depending on where you buy them from and which fasteners you need.
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  • Key Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Industrial Fasteners

    If you're working with some heavy-duty materials that need to be conjoined, industrial fasteners are your best bet at a secure connection. There are a lot of these fasteners available, but you can be sure in your selection by avoiding these key mistakes when it comes time to shop.  Choosing the Wrong Material It's important to note that industrial fasteners come in a lot of different materials. Overlooking this attribute could be detrimental to your project.
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  • How Rubber Can Be Used For Custom Parts And Products

    Rubber is a very generic term that covers many different materials. A custom rubber part may be made in many different ways, depending on what the part needs to do or endure. Rubber manufactures can work with you to develop a part specific to your needs, but working out the properties of the rubber and how it will act in your situation is critical.  Natural Rubber Some rubber products start with natural rubber harvested from some trees and plants.
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