Key Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Industrial Fasteners

Posted on: 6 August 2020


If you're working with some heavy-duty materials that need to be conjoined, industrial fasteners are your best bet at a secure connection. There are a lot of these fasteners available, but you can be sure in your selection by avoiding these key mistakes when it comes time to shop. 

Choosing the Wrong Material

It's important to note that industrial fasteners come in a lot of different materials. Overlooking this attribute could be detrimental to your project. For example, you may select too fragile of a material and then the fastener suffers a total failure. You can avoid this mistake by assessing the project that needs industrial fasteners. What type of materials are being used and what sort of pressure will your fasteners be under? If the applications are heavy-duty, then a more durable material like titanium will suffice. Conversely, if the operations aren't as rigorous, then stainless steel may work just fine.

Getting Incorrect Size

Just as important as the industrial fastener material is sizing. If you get this attribute wrong -- even by just a couple of inches -- then the fasteners may not work out and then you'll be left with worthless materials that have to be replaced. Like materials, you have to carefully examine your fastening operations to get the right size of industrial fasteners. This depends on the thickness of the materials you're conjoining and potentially moving parts around these materials. If you're stuck, it's better to order a couple of different sizes until you see what size is optimal. Then you can order industrial fasteners in bulk.

Not Thinking About Exposure to Elements

Industrial fasteners are extremely durable, but even still, a lot of them won't hold up when exposed to certain elements. You need to know this so that the industrial fasteners you get can work out perfectly for years and years. For instance, if your fastening operations take place outside where it will be humid, you need fasteners with a waterproof design. Then no amount of water exposure will cause the fasteners to rust and subsequently not work as great as they should.

There are a lot of incredible uses for industrial fasteners today, including wood construction and keeping certain materials in place. The next time you buy some for a work project, know what pitfalls to avoid. You can then look forward to a smooth shopping experience and fasteners that work out just as you planned.