How To Avoid Septic Tank Backups When Hosting A Large Number Of People

Posted on: 3 May 2016


One of the biggest issues revolving around hosting a large number of people – whether it be for a big birthday celebration, a bar mitzvah, or especially over a week or two during the holiday season – is that your septic tank can become easily backed up due to overuse. Most septic tank sizes are meant to accommodate the size of the household in which you participate. Going over this normal amount means that you might encounter a bit of backup. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn how to avoid a septic tank backup when hosting a large number of people.   

Reduce Garbage Disposal Use

The entirety of the waste that you place down your garbage disposal does not enter your normal drainage system. Rather, this waste will make its way into your septic tank. Before hosting a large number of people, it is prudent to inform that they should not make use of the garbage disposal. Heavy overuse of the garbage disposal can lead to an eventual septic tank backup.

Empty Before The Holiday Season

If you plan on hosting a large number of people at your house during the holiday season, it is highly recommended that you empty the contents of your septic tank before this season begins. If you're hosting a large number of people over a week or two, this can put a massive strain on your septic tank. Even if you know that your septic system does not require an emptying session at the time, it is best to err on the side of caution and give your tank plenty of empty room. You may be surprised to learn how quickly your tank can fill up when you go above and beyond the normal amount of individuals that are present in your household over a given period of time.

Check Your Drains

Before hosting a large party or before holiday guests arrive, make sure you check your drains and ensure that they are draining or flushing properly. Go around your home, let your faucets run for approximately a minute and flush all of the toilets in your house. One thing that you do not want to experience is a backed up septic tank before your guests even arrive.

If you believe you are experiencing an issue with your septic tank, you should call on the services of a licensed septic tank repair service (click here for more info on that) and a professional plumber.