Three Reasons To Use A Rubber Grommet

Posted on: 22 June 2016


A grommet is a collar that is placed in hole to prevent the hole from tearing out and/or to protect objects that are passed through the hole. Many materials are available for use as grommets, and if you are trying to choose among these materials, you need to understand your needs and the characteristics of each material that can be used in a grommet. Rubber is a versatile material that can work in many different situations.


Metal is a popular grommet material, and the main benefit of metal is that it is rigid and will stand up to a lot of stress. On the other hand, if enough stress is placed on the metal it can bend, and once bent, it will not return to its original shape. Rubber, on the other hand, will yield to stress without breaking, and once the stress has passed, it will return to its original shape. Furthermore, as metal deforms, sharp edges can form and then damage any ropes, wires, or tubes passing through the grommet. With rubber grommets, sharp edges are not a concern. 

Vibration Control

If you have sensitive equipment passing through an opening, then you will want to limit the amount of stress the equipment has to cope with. When you are passing tubes or wires through holes in the case to a piece of machinery, vibration is a serious concern. Rubber will help to absorb vibration, and thus protect the equipment passing through the grommet. 

Ease of Installation

Because rubber will flex, you don't have to worry about using a hammer and anvil to set grommets in place as you would with some types of metal grommets. Besides, hammering grommets is not a precise process, so there is plenty of room for error. Some metal grommet designers seek to eliminate this margin of error by using screw-in grommets. You can save yourself time by using rubber grommets, which you can simply push into place. 

Your choice of grommet can have a huge impact on how your final product performs. Taking the time to study grommet options and making a careful choice based on the grommet that is most likely to satisfy your needs will help to ensure that you create a quality final project. While rubber might not be right for every situation, the three characteristics described above are just a few of the benefits of using rubber grommets. Suffice it to say that rubber grommets are at least worthy of consideration. For more information, contact a company like Accurate  Products Inc.