3 Signs You Should Choose Single-Deep Pallet Racking For Your Warehouse

Posted on: 8 September 2016


If you want to be able to maximize storage in your warehouse, investing in pallet racking is important. Then, you can use your pallet racks to neatly and safely store pallets of products that you will be putting on the sales floor or shipping out to your customers. When shopping for pallet racking, however, it can be a bit confusing and difficult to choose the type that you need. Different types of pallet racking, such as single-deep or double-deep pallet racking, work well for different types of warehouses. The following are a few signs that single-deep pallet racking is the best choice for your warehouse's needs.

1. You're Short on Floor Space

A double-deep pallet rack will take up more space in a warehouse than a single-deep pallet rack. Plus, with double-deep pallet racking, you have to have plenty of room to pull out the load in the front in case you need to access the load in the back. Choosing tall, single-deep pallet racking is a good option for storing as many pallets as possible in a smaller area without having to worry about having enough space to maneuver your forklift or to store pallets that are stored in the front when loading or unloading pallets from the back.

2. You Need to Be Able to Access Products Easily

With double-deep pallet racking, it is not easy to get to the pallets that are stored in the back. If the same products are stored in the front as in the back, this might not be a big deal. If you will be storing a variety of different items, however, or if you feel the need to be able to access items in the back regularly, you are probably going to find that it takes a lot more time and trouble with double-deep pallet racking vs. single-deep pallet racking.

3. You're On a Budget

If you are shopping for pallet racking on a budget, you may find that single-deep pallet racking is your best choice. Single-deep pallet racking is generally much more affordable than double-deep, keeping your costs at a minimum.

As you can see, single-deep pallet racking is the right choice for many warehouses. If any of these three things apply to your business -- or if all three of them apply -- then you will probably want to look into single-deep options. Check out http://www.commercialhardwaregroup.com for more information.