Why The Boom Lift On A Hi-Ranger Truck Might Malfunction

Posted on: 15 December 2016


Does the boom lift on your Hi-Ranger truck not extend as far as it should? If you are unable to use the bucket for jobs because of the boom problem, it might be time to get the hydraulic system checked out. You are either dealing with a boom lift that needs to be replaced, or the hydraulic system is simply in need of a little maintenance. In this article, you will find some of the common hydraulic system problems that can lead to a boom lift not functioning properly.

The Hydraulic System is Low on Oil

The simplest reason for a boom lift to malfunction is a low amount of hydraulic oil being in the truck. In such a case, the only thing needed to resolve the problem with the boom moving is more oil. The reason why the oil is so important is because it helps with providing enough pressure for parts of the boom to move. Being that the boom lift can still move a little, it is a sign that more pressure from the oil is needed. You might want to ask a professional to examine the current oil for contamination when he or she places more inside of your truck.

Malfunctioning from the Piston Rods

Piston rods play a big role in the boom lift being able to extend to the fullest extent. It is possible that the rods have become damaged and need to be replaced, but the hydraulic system pump is likely malfunctioning. The pump must be functional in order for the piston rods to work as they should. You are either dealing with a pump that can be repaired and brought back to a working condition, or one that should be replaced altogether through a place that sells Hi-Ranger parts, like Utility Equipment Parts, LLC. The pump may simply be rusty and old.

Cylinders Are Unable to Retain Oil

It is important for the cylinders to the hydraulic system to not be in bad shape. The cylinders are in place because they hold hydraulic oil until it is needed for different parts to move. For example, the oil is release from the cylinders each time that the boom lift is being moved up and down. It is possible that the oil has been leaking out due to there being a crack in one or more of the cylinders. A professional will be able to let you know if the cracks can be sealer up, or if new cylinders are needed.