A Switch to a Submersible Pump Can Offer Key Benefits

Posted on: 18 May 2021


If your industrial business uses a water pump to move water or another liquid through your plumbing or some other system, it's worth taking a look at the type of pump you are currently using. If your water pump is above ground, this can create additional noise on your worksite and may also be giving you a higher energy bill than what's necessary to get the job done. By seeking out submersible water pumps from a manufacturer, you can improve your day-to-day operation in a number of key ways. Here's why you should consider switching to a submersible water pump today.

Submersible Pumps Use Less Energy

With an above-ground pump, it takes more energy to run because it must be primed before it can start doing its job. But with a submersible pump, there is no need for this because the water is right there at all times. The pump opens up under the water and immediately takes in what it needs as opposed to having to wait for the water to go upwards. Over time, this will save a significant amount of energy and it will save your business on electricity costs. Using less energy is also of course more environmentally friendly, making an underwater pump a good addition for any company looking to reduce its environmental footprint or impact.

Submersible Pumps Are Quieter

With an above-ground pump, you can hear it when it kicks on and while it's in operation. If the pump is especially large, the noise might be louder than you would like. This is especially true if the pumps you are using are within a warehouse or production facility and you don't want that nonstop racket distracting your employees from their work. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are known to be much quieter. This is because the sound of the pump in operation is deadened a bit by the water that surrounds it. There still might be audible noise, but it won't be nearly as loud as an above-ground pump.

Submersible Pumps May Have a Longer Lifespan

Because a submersible pump is underwater at all times, it is built with anti-corrosion properties in mind and also typically has a tighter seal. You can go longer without performing maintenance on an underwater pump as opposed to one that is above ground. Your submersible pump may also have a longer lifespan in general when compared to an above-ground pump.

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