Useful Rules To Follow When Setting Up Air Compressor Pipes Around A Shop

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Thanks to air compressor pipes, you have a way to direct compressed air to virtually any location around your shop. That makes working with said substance pretty convenient. You'll get the most out of air compressor pipes if you follow a couple of rules regarding their setup. 

Review Air Compressor Operations First

In order to choose the right amount of air compressor pipes and place them around the appropriate areas in your shop. You first need to take a long look at the air compressor operations that will be taking place around said space. 

What do you plan on distributing compressed air to and where are these things situated around your shop? Make a thorough environmental assessment before investing in these materials because then, you can ensure their placement is perfectly based on what you plan on doing with said piping solutions.

Try to Keep Pressure the Same

For these pipes to perform great at distributing compressed air to different areas of your shop, you really need to maintain the same pressure throughout the entire piping system. That's going to help you support systems or devices effectively that rely on this solution.

Achieving this type of design will involve bending the pipes at the right places and using the right quantity of piping materials. If you want to ensure pressure drops or spikes don't happen when relying on these pipes, consult with a professional that has successfully designed these air compressor systems before.

Continue Testing for Leaks 

If this is your first time buying and setting up air compressor pipes around a shop environment, then you may not be perfect in the beginning. You thus will want to keep an eye out for leaking after getting these pipes set up and suspended.

Regular leak monitoring will help you quickly troubleshoot performance issues with these pipes before you're left with even bigger issues. You can effectively identify leaks around these pipes by walking around each pipe section often and listening to the sound they make. A leak will have a distinguishable sound that you can easily pick up on. 

If you set up air compressor pipes in your shop, you'll have multiple points where you can use compressed air. This may be needed based on how often you use compressed air for different things. You just need to verify your piping designs and installation plans are correct before getting started with this project.