Why You Should Use LED Bulbs To Power Your Industrial Pilot Lights Or Warning Indicators

Posted on: 23 March 2022


Do you run an industrial plant or manufacturing facility where you need to know at a glance that everything is powered up or working as intended? When a typical person hears the term "pilot light", they may first think of the flame that remains lit inside a gas furnace or appliance, but in your industry, a pilot light can also be a light bulb that serves as an indicator that something is turned on or it could light up only when something goes wrong. Regardless of how you are using pilot light bulbs in your own facility, here's why you might want to switch to an LED-based bulb such as the YuCo YC-22R 3 light.

LEDs Are More Energy Efficient

If you have a large facility or production plant and need multiple pilot lights or warning indicators installed, you may save money in the long run by going with an LED bulb. LED-based lighting is more energy-efficient than other types of bulbs and this means you'll save money that will add up in the years to come. Pilot lights are often expected to remain "on" indefinitely or throughout the entire workday, so the energy savings could become clear to you sooner rather than later.

LEDs Last Longer Which Means Less Maintenance for You or Your Team

LEDs are also known to have a much longer lifespan than other types of lightbulbs. This means that you can simply plug them in, turn them on and likely not have to worry about swapping the bulb out for a very long time, even if it is an LED pilot light that will remain on while your machinery or equipment is operating. You'll therefore have less downtime due to maintenance and you won't have to worry as often about a bulb going out and then trying to figure out if the bulb is just dead or if it means there's a larger problem with your system.

LED Pilot Bulbs Are Easy to Set Up, Wire, and Connect

LED pilot bulbs are relatively easy to install and will light up with a simple connection. You may be able to fit these bulbs in hard-to-reach places that more traditional lighting would not be able to comfortably fit.

Contact a Supplier of LED Pilot Bulbs and Other Industrial-Grade Accessories Today

Ensure your electric pilot lights turn on when you need them to and start saving some money on your electric bill as well by contacting a local supplier of industrial lighting today. Consider checking out a site such as http://www.industrialelectrotech.com for more information.