4 Useful Tips To Help You Choose The Best Portable Blast Machine

Posted on: 4 May 2022


When you need to prepare or clean surfaces for new paintwork or resurfacing projects, you might need to find effective ways to sandblast the surface. Blasting machines are extremely versatile and effective when polishing surfaces, whether concrete or metallic. If you have been looking to purchase a blast machine for your company's needs, perhaps it's time to learn more about portable blast machines. Here are some tips to guide you during the buying process.

1. Set a Realistic Budget

Setting aside the amount of money you are comfortable spending on the portable blast machine would be an ideal place to begin. The budget set will help you narrow down to the pieces you should focus on. You can determine a figure by heading to a store or website that supplies these machines and checking out the price tags. This will help you understand what constitutes a reasonable budget. Generally, the price depends on the type, brand, and size.

2. Select an Ideal Blast Media

For first-timers, some terms might be new and confusing. Blast media is one of the most important considerations when choosing a blast machine. There's a wide range of elements in the market to choose from when selecting blast media. They include crushed glass, soda, and coal slag.

When choosing blast media, ensure that the element aligns with the type of valve inside the machine. Also, certain blast media work best when refining specific surfaces. For instance, crushed glass sandblasters work best when removing paint or unwanted substances from steel surfaces. Soda sandblasters are best suited for more delicate surfaces like car body works.  

3. Consider Pot Size

The size of a machine's pot greatly determines the duration between refills. You'll need to remember that the blast media needs to be refilled now and then. If you tend to work on larger surfaces, it is wise to find a machine with a big pot size that takes longer to deplete.

4. Prioritize Safety Features

User safety when using the portable blast machine is quite important. Observe the type of remote on the portable blast machine. The quality of the remote determines your safety when handling the machine. Look out for extra safety options like a pressure hold feature or cut-off switch that improves the machine's performance and user safety. The cut-off switch and pressure hold depressurize the blast pot when the safety handle is on. Minimizing risks keeps the accidents and injuries at bay.

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