Hiring A Crane When You Need Heavy Lifting Done Overhead

Posted on: 8 December 2022


A crane rental service is often the best option when you need to raise a large object that is too heavy for other machines. Sometimes the lifts involve moving things to a rooftop or high overhead, but other times the lift only requires a few feet. The crane can support and move the load more efficiently and with better stability than other machines available in many situations. 

Crane Services  

When you need a crane to move something large and heavy, hiring a local crane service to come and move the object is sometimes the only option you have. Crane rental services have many different size cranes available to do the job you need, and the operator running the machine will typically have years of experience at the controls.

When considering a crane service, talk to several in your area about what you need to lift and where it needs to go once it is off the ground. The load may require moving as it is lifted, so the crane must be large enough to reach the starting and ending locations from the spot it is in.

If you need to raise and swing the load, but you don't have the reach required, you may find that the crane operator can not move the item for you. Discussing the job with each potential crane service is the best way to ensure they understand the requirements and can get the job done. 

Timely Lifts

When scheduling a crane lift, it is essential to get everyone involved in the site at the same time. Crane rental services typically charge by the hour, so getting everything ready so the crane operator can position the machine and make the lift quickly is vital. Some companies will break the costs down to every fifteen minutes, so if you go over the first hour, you may not have to pay for the entire second one, but you need to ask that questions before hiring the service. 

The path into the job site needs to be clear of equipment and obstacles when the crane arrives. The machine is too large to try and carefully fit through tight spots, and giving the operator plenty of room to maneuver can further optimize the time they are on the job. 

Insurance Coverage

You may want to ask the crane rental service about insurance coverage on the machine. If something is damaged because the operator hit or bumped something with the crane, you need to know if you are expected to cover it or if the crane company will cover the cost for you. 

Most crane rental services have insurance for their equipment, but if they don't cover damage caused by the machine, you may want to look for one that does. 

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