Three Components To Consider When Choosing A Spray Foam Rig

Posted on: 25 April 2016

Spray foam rigs come with a number of different options. While there are a number of important components, those that have a direct impact on your ability to operate productively and efficiently are most important. When choosing a rig, here are just three of the important factors you want to consider to ensure you are making the right selection. Spray Gun Chamber The spray gun chamber is the area where the components mix.
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Why You Shouldn't Coat Wood Cribbing Skids And Supports

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Cribbing skids are large pieces of wood or other materials used to support the weight of a section of pipeline, heavy machinery, or other object that shouldn't be in direct contact with the ground. Wood beams offers many benefits over other types of cribbing, but only if they're left raw without any kind of coating added to the surface. Learn why it's important not to coat your wood cribbing skids or purchase pre-coated products.
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